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In Every Generation – Rav Shmuel Aharon Yudelevitch and the Roots of His Greatness (Special Youth Edition) by Dovid Yudelevitch (Recommended for ages 10 and up

March 27, 2011

Another Shabbas….another wonderful day of reading.  I just completed reading this well written biography about Rav Shmuel Aharon Yudelevith.


The read was easy, though the nisoyon (tests) that Hashem put the Rav and his Family through are heartbreaking.

The book was unique in that it focused on how the previous generations of his Family faced adversity and overcame all nisyon (tests) with the strongest Emunah and Bitachon.

The second part of the book focused primarily on Rav Yudelevitch’s personal nisyons and his commitment to do Hashem’s will.

The lessons are painful yet inspiring.  If this one Family can continue to have Emunah (faith in Hashem) and a passionate desire to serve Hashem despite starvation and many other sever tests…the we can take from this the belief that even you and I can serve Hashem with focus…especially since most of our Nisoyon are generally not a matter of Pikua Nefesh (preserving a life.)

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