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How can you become a Jewish Library donor?


Mordecai, Miriam Golda, Ruth & Shlomo Yehuda HaLevi Jewish Library appreciates all donations made to help support the sharing of Torah-True Entertainment & Education Books, CDs and DVDs from the Jewish Library.

You can elect to become a Friend of The Jewish Library

You can use your meiser money and make a general donation to The Jewish Library.

You can also choose to dedicate books, dvds, cds, audio and video tapes

You can create a dedication:
– in the honor of a birthday,
– in the memory of a loved one,
– for the refuah shleima of a loved one,
– in someone’smerit,
– in honor of a special occasion,
– etc.

Your dedication (s) will be seen by all who visit (unless otherwise requested).

All dedication requests can be e-mailed to

All donations may be mailed to:
The Jewish Library
661 Abbington Dr., K-1
East Windsor, NJ 08520