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Jewish Educational Websites

THE AFIKIM FOUNDATION was formed to attend to the critical challenges of our day by developing creative initiatives… The Afkim Foundation (the name means “wellsprings”) is focusing on four “wellsprings”. Afikei Torah; Afikei Mesorah; Afikei Zikaron; Afikei Chesed
THE AKIM FOUNDATION, founded in 2002 by Rabbi Raphael B. Butler, is an innovative incubator and implementer of Jewish educational, cultural and values-oriented programs that span the globe and has distinguished itself as a resource of creativity and content for Jewish communities worldwide. Some of its projects include: One Soul – Poignant multimedia traveling Holocaust exhibit; One Soul Toolbox-Educational Holocaust resource including activity cards, journal writing exercises, moral dilemmas, trigger films, posters, timelines, personal stories; ocent/GuidePost – Single tall graphic informational column/kiosk with up to 4 interactive videos; -An innovative live, interactive website that connects organizations, teachers and educators to a rapidly expanding global distance learning audience. -Animated online Jewish knowledge quiz game of 1000 questions. Mobile Cinema Park – Multi-sensory, cinematic educational experience, integrating 3D projection, interactive wireless remotes, laser lighting and special effects Film; Afikim Film Festival – Coordinated in more than 70 cities nationwide ; Passover at the Wellmans – Engaging, poignant and heartwarming DVD; Publications – Extensive array of Jewishly inspiring books, pamphlets, posters, postcards, cheat sheets; School-Based Initiatives. TOTAL-Leading creator of innovative resources for Hebrew school teachers including Curriculum,
Mitzvah Fair in a Box, Kosher Extravaganza, Treats for Troops, ToTally Tova, “Week on Wheels,” Bnei Mitzvah curriculum. Mitzvah Club, and special events JUMP—Jewish Upbringing Matters Program – Jewish after-school classes to 350 Hebrew Charter school students in South Florida. Walk the Land – One-mile long Walks in 100 communities worldwide in support and celebration of Israel’s 60th Anniversary; La’Briyut – Healthy Lifestyles Program including curriculum for schools with companion Jewish component, online classes and community lectures; Areivim – Development of a values-based, universal Jewish educational curriculum; Campus and post-Birthright Initiatives – Wide array of classes and programming to instill Jewish knowledge, pride and identity

PROJECT SINAI is an educational community founded on personal growth. Our programs and events are primarily live and interactive so you’ll be able to take part in discussions with the presenters and other event participants. Philosophically our programs are aligned with Jewish concepts and philosophy but our content is not dedicated solely to religion and spirituality. Our criteria for events is that they help you improve yourself and the world around you. So, you won’t see any promises to lose 30 pounds in one week or find a mate in 3 days or have attractive abdominal muscles in 2 weeks. You will however, find engaging content that will challenge and help motivate you to go just a little further. Because that’s how real growth happens. One small step at a time.

WHEN HUMANITY FAILS is the first in a series of Afikim Foundation One Soul exhibitions that explore the Holocaust. Each will present historical events that help us consider contemporary lessons.

THE JEWISH FAMILY GUIDE 2010-2011, Chol Hamoed Travel Guide

TOTALLY ONLINE, Online Hebrew School for Kids 8-11; interactive, engaging, awesome


JEWISH AFTER SCHOOL; Jewish Upbringing Matters Program;Welcome to JUM!… because a Jewish upbringing matters! In today’s busy world many Jewish families find it difficult to balance the need for afterschool child care, Synagogue Hebrew School, family time and homework. JUMP provides the solution: a high-quality Jewish education program right after school, so that your family can have it all!

WALK THE LAND; from a tiny slice of arid land, a democratic state, with a myriad of exports–both intellectual and agricultural, has grown. The Afikim Foundation, in solidarity with Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, has implemented this global Walk the Land project in celebration of Israel’s 60th Anniversary. Help us foster a sense of worldwide unity in support of Israel, cherished homeland of the Jewish people. Join us today! More than 100 cities are now participating!!!

THINKING OF WE: Affairs of the Heart is a series of interactive workshops that will challenge your understanding of relationships and redefine your definition of success. This program combines the wisdom of classic Jewish thought, with contemporary psychology, and offers profound philosophical insights and practical real-world applications for building, maintaining, and nurturing relationships that will make us truly happy.

MY KADDISH: The Soul Lives On..After Death The Soul—The essence of life–lives on. Kaddish, is about life and eternity; about the transendental bond between this world and the next; about the timeless connection between you and someone you loved, and still do. Kaddish is more than a ritual or prayer. Kaddish is a gift from your soul in this world, to the soul of your loved one, in the next world.

NA’ALEH means “let us ascend.” We chose this name because we believe Jewish learning is the key to continuous spiritual growth and elevation. Na’aleh Torah Online is a US Non-profit, designed by experienced Yeshiva and Seminary professionals from Israel, under international Rabbinic guidance. Our goal is to provide FREE online continuing Jewish education to people of all ages and backgrounds. Na’aleh Torah Online does not discriminate based on gender, race, or any other affiliation.